The Issue of Boycotts

Monday, August 04 2014
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"The U.S. Senate on Friday approved an emergency bill to give Israel $225 million in additional funding for its Iron Dome missile-defence system, which it has used with relative success to counter Hamas rockets.

'They're running out of Iron Dome missiles to protect themselves,' said Sen. Lindsey Graham. 'We are with you. Here are the missiles."

Washington agreed on Wednesday to also allow Israel to replenish its dwindling munitions with a local U.S. arms stockpile."

Disgorging his putrid and hypocritical comments on the issue of boycotts, Reverend Abraham Bham of the Fordsburg NNB Jamiat (No Name Brand Jamiat)  said:

"….I feel very sad (sic!) and disappointed  that Ulamah are discouraging and dissuading Muslims to boycott Israeli products and companies."

Reality debunks the hypocritical  pontification of the Munaafiq. Why was the Reverend not sad and disappointed when  his organization (SANHA, the carrion halaalizer) certified Israeli products not so long ago? At that time there was a hue and cry of disgust and protest in the Muslim community. But the SANHA department of the NNB Jamiat whose head is Reverend Abraham Bham, desperately presented arguments justifying their certification of Israeli products. It should be remembered that he NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg, SANHA and Radio Shaitaan are an unholy trinity. All three are cogs of the same entity. They are not merely birds of a feather. They are one, single organization operating deceptively under different designations. Add to this cartel, their bogus 'UUCSA'. 

Reverend Abraham Bham as well as all those who are calling for a boycott of Israel are hypocrites clambering on the bandwagon of cheap publicity in the name of Palestine. The objective is self-aggrandizement, and some participants are cashing in on the boodle generated in the name of Palestine.  Some of these miserable hypocrites howling in the name of Palestine, derive joy and  fun from the blood and torn  limbs of the brutalized suffering Muslims of Palestine. They grotesquely engage in fun rides, bike rides, motorcades, cooning and clowning with their faces painted like apes, and prancing in the streets like monkeys, calling for boycotts against Israel, Pick 'n Pay and Woolworths while they are all in cahoots with the actual and true SATANS whose agent in the butchering and massacring  fields is Israel. Israel is the agent while the real principle in the massacring is the U.S.A. 

If the Reverend Abraham Bham and the other louts calling for a boycott of the underlings (Israel, Pick n' Pay, etc.) were motivated by sincerity and genuine heartfelt feeling for the suffering Palestinian Muslims, they would have directed their boycott calls firstly to the U.S.A. and Britain. 

It should be remembered and understood that the creators of Israel were the U.S.A. and Britain. These two countries have been Israel's backbone and primary supporters and sustainers since the very inception of the establishment of the rogue Arab-backyard 'state' called Israel. These two countries had not only condoned, but had actively aided Israel in every massacre of the Palestinians. Trillions of dollars in cash and trillions of dollars of arms and ammunition to massacre the Muslims were provided to Israel by the U.S.A., Britain, France and others. Yet, there is a deafening silence from the Reverend Abraham Bham and his cohorts in other front bodies who operate in Palestine's name  for the attainment of their ulterior  objectives – hubb-e- jah (craving for name/fame), hubb-e-maal (craving for money). The objective of the fools in the community who paint their faces like coons and clowns is to derive immoral fun and enjoyment out of the  suffering  of  a People whose blood gushes in the streets and whose limbs are being torn apart. 

Whilst the Palestinians are dyed in blood and are being butchered on a daily basis, these rubbishes who paint their faces, and these fussaaq, fujjaar, faajiraat and zaaniyaat, goaded on by devils of the the  hypocritical 'boycott' movement, are immorally  partying in fun and enjoyment filling their bellies with haraam food – garrulously eating and excreting like wild beasts. They are bereft of a single vestige of shame, honour and grief. 

If Reverend Abraham Bham had any genuine feeling of grief for the suffering Palestinian  brethren NEVER would he have sanctioned  the squandering of R24,000 (twenty four thousand rand) for a 30 minute chartered plane trip from Johannesburg to Newcastle to enable him to attend a haraam protest march  in the name of Palestine. Just two Fridays ago,  this evil reverend  practically demonstrated that he was  among  Ikhwaanush Shayaateen (Brothers of the Devils), in the words of the Qur'aan, by approving the chartering of a plane to transport him to Newcastle (a mere 300 km from Johannesburg) to gratify his inordinate  greed for name and fame. His rabidly insane craving to address the protest march blinded whatever little intelligence he may have. How is it possible for a molvi who claims to be emotionally affected by grief for the plight of the Palestinians to squander and gush down the sewerage drain and enrich the kuffaar by spending from Lillah funds R24,000 for a 30 minute trip to Newcastle? Could the money not have been contributed to purchase some food for the starving Muslims in the Syrian refugee camps? 

The reverend has no entitlement whatsoever to wag his hypocritical tongue to pontify and lament about Palestine when he is in cahoots with the U.S.A. Butchers who constitute the Backbone of the Israeli Butchers and Murderers. Not so very long ago, the reverend's NNB Jamiat proudly accepted a lousy handout of R35,000 as a prize doled out by the U.S. embassy in Pretoria. 

Right now – right in the vortex of the horrendous misery, bloodshed and murder being enacted by America's surrogate state (Israel), the U.S. is supplying Israel with hundreds of millions of dollars of arms and ammunition to further pummel and destroy the Palestinians. Why is  Reverend Abraham Bham not calling  for a boycott of America and of all U.S. businesses, banks, institutions,  vehicles, etc., etc. in South Africa? And, why are the miserable chap and all those hypocrites who are calling to boycott  Pick n' Pay and Woolworths not calling for a boycott of  U.S.A., Britain, France, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries who are all in collusion against Hamas and the Palestinians? 

China has eliminated millions of Muslims and persecution and killing of Muslims in the Chinese Muslim provinces are on-going. Ramadhaan and Taraaweeh have been prohibited this year in that pork-devouring land. Why are all these munaafiqeen not calling for a boycott of China? Because they can't fill their coffers with boodle without the cheap Chinese products? 

And why are all these rubbishes not calling for a boycott of India where Muslims are massacred frequently.  Everyone knows the sad story of Kashmir. The decades of murder, torture, rape, pillage and plunder of Muslims in Kashmir is an ongoing satanic process of the brutal Hindu Mushrik regime and military of India. Why not call for a boycott of these idol-worshippers.  What is so special in Pick n' Pay and Woolworths to demand priority? 

The first devils to be boycotted are U.S.A. and Britain. Those who call for a boycott without calling for a boycott of all American and U.K. institutions of whatever kind in South Africa, are hypocritical rubbishes. All the banks in the country must likewise be boycotted. All of them are permeated by Yahood, U.S. and U.K stench and control. 

Our advice for all these miserable hypocrites is to engage in elaborate investigations to establish the Yahood thread in every department of life in South Africa. Then, if they are honest and sincere, they should call for a boycott of every such institution which constitute a cog, no matter how small, in the Yahood conspiratorial machinery. Banks should have priority on this boycott list.  Boycott the whole miserable lot, and eat what you can farm and boycott their vehicles, and ride donkey carts instead. 

The miserable rubbishes call to boycott Israeli dates, but enjoy Chinese products because their sustenance hinges on these products. No one is inconvenienced here by boycotting Israeli dates and a smattering of its fruits. Honour demands that Chinese, Indian, American and British products and institutions of every kind be boycotted. 

The first Iblees to argue against boycotting the kuffaar enemies of Islam, was Reverend Abraham Bham.  When the entire Muslim community of South Africa had initiated a boycott of the Sunday Times for vilifying and insulting Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), this munaafiq molvi stabbed the Ulama of the country in the back by entering into a clandestine agreement with the Sunday Times. As a result of his treacherous collusion with the Sunday Times villifiers of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the reverend called for an end to the boycott and in justification presented a plethora of rubbish and spurious arguments.  Now suddenly he jumps on to the Israel boycott bandwagon to gratify his bestial and garrulous appetite for hubb-e-jah!

Any boycott which excludes America, Britain, France, China and India, is hollow, hypocritical and instigated by munaafiqeen with ulterior motives. In addition to being the primary supporter and backbone of Israel, America has destroyed entire Muslim countries and murdered and maimed millions of Muslims – Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are current  examples. In addition, the U.S.A. has abducted and tortured in its black, secret torture facilities all over the world countless Muslims, and this evil policy is still on going. But no one calls for boycotting this arch-murderer and torturer. Just look what America is doing to Dr. Aafiyah Siddiqui who is languishing in a U.S. torture facility. These hypocritical morons, and the Reverend Abraham Bham in particular, have welded their lips on this issue. 

Furthermore, no one has advocated against the boycott of Israeli goods. On the contrary, the Reverend Abraham Bham with his SANHA outfit are the only ones who have actively campaigned against Israeli boycott by intransigently certifying and halaalizing Israeli goods. Our advocacy is against the haraam fisq, fujoor and zina perpetrations which Reverend Abraham Bham and other miserable, hypocritical 'supporters' of Palestine are perpetrating. And, it should percolate into the dense brains of the mob of insincere boycotters with ulterior motives, that without boycotting primarily America and Britain, and secondarily, China and India, the boycott of Israeli goods is rubbish and a red herring, and a cover up for the sinister objectives of the hypocrites.


8 Shawwaal 1435 – 4 August 2014