The Majlis Volume 24 Number 02

Wednesday, April 26 2017
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Volume 24 Number 02



Q. Is the current chaos in the Middle East perhaps signs of Imaam Mahdi’s imminent appearance? Please comment.

A. We  do not know if Imaam Mahdi’s appearance is imminent or not. Only Allah Ta’ala knows when Imaam Mahdi will appear.  While total anarchy and chaos will reign and herald his arrival,  no one can say if the current  Middle Eastern scenario is the stage for his appearance.

We venture to say that Imaam Mahdi’s appearance will be heralded by total chaos and anarchy in Saudi Arabia. The writing is already on the wall for the Saudi regime. America will usher in the demise of the Saudi regime, and in its wake will ensue the  worst anarchy. For Imaam Mahdi to appear there appears to be the need for total chaos in Saudi Arabia...


The Majlis Volume 24 number 02