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As Salaamu alaikum Mufti Saheb

I would just like to comment on the recent article in which the sister talks about the screening of adverts on the radio stations. My cd player recently stopped working and for the first time in my life I decided to listen to radio islam. Really, what a shambles. Let alone the advertising for that class (assuming it was on this station) 90% of all adverts deals with some sort of Islamic finance. Absa, oasis, old,mutual,etc, ive heard all of their adverts.

They do provide a disclaimer before saying that they cannot say whether the item being advertised is correct in terms of the shariah or not but this in itself is ridiculous. A radio station with so many ulema, backed by the jamiat with all their ulema and they cant say if the finance is correct or incorrect?

Honestly, the thing is, the more you hear those adverts the more it comes into the mind that maybe its fine and the more the desire is created to go for that finance and when it comes to nafs, it is very easy to justify it

Really it is this advertising as well as the incident with Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq last year that really disappoints me. If ever anyone wanted to know what the objective of this radio station is they need to look no further. IF the objective was to inform the muslim public then we wouldn't see the above but clearly the objective is MONEY. That's all they care about.

I find it amazing that the majlis was warning about this station when things were a bit 'mild'. These days I don't think they even care anymore. I've heard a woman giving some cape report saying such absurd things and such things that could easily mess the minds of innocent muslims and yet the molana doesn't even correct her nor does he even say anything about it afterwards creating the impression that what she said is correct and justified.

There is so much more, like the sultry tones of the women that host programmes on there as well as the open flirting between these women (apas?) on twitter with other members of the radio islam team, referring to them by nicknames and so on.

Really it just goes on and on, they are rotten to the core and im quite disappointed with myself for even listening to it, but I would like to thank you Mufti Saheb for continuously warning us about these harms.

(End of the Brother’s letter)


These vile operators of Shaitaan’s radio are not ‘Maulanas’. They are shayaateen with vermiculated brains. Their disgorgements are nothing but excrement of fisq and fujoor, and also kufr. Their mission on earth is to undermine and destroy the Deen. Shaitaan has adorned their fisq, fujoor and zina which his agents (the radio operators) are peddling under guise of the Deen. 

The villainy of these helpers of shaitaan is appalling because they are marketing their immoral products in the name of Islam while the stupid masses – the slaves of passion and lust – lick up the immorality of these denizens of Jahannam. 

No institution has ever caused so much harm to Muslims and Islam as these  devil’s radio and television stations – all of them, not only this specific Radio Shaitaan. There is Radio Ansaarush Shaitaan, the Voice of the Devil, etc., all in the field operating under Islamic guise. 

Those Ulama who aid and abet these vile shaitaani appendages with their talks on these contraptions of filth, are the Ulama-e-Soo’ who are also the agents of shaitaan, knowingly or unknowingly. They are all guilty of undermining the Deen and ruining the community. 

Molvis are being churned out en masse by the Darul Ulooms, but all who emerge are ‘dumb devils’. They have no mercy for Muslims – no mercy for the Deen. They trade the Qur’aan down the drain for a miserable price. The worst munaafiqeen of the Ummah are these evil qaaris who seek haraam boodle and filthy fame by means of shaitaani radios and shaitaani television. They pose for photographs, making fools of themselves. They must necessarily perish like vermin.

18 Zil Qa’dh 1436 (3 September 2015)