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Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah and a Refutation of the Madaakhilah_booklet

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Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah and a Refutation of the Madaakhilah


Islaam is a perfect Deen. Allaah Ta`aalaa states this in the Qur’aan Kareem:


الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِيْنَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِيْ وَرَضِيْتُ لَكُمُ الْإِسْلَامَ دِيْناً

{“On this day I have perfected your Deen, completed My Favour upon you and chosen for you Islaam as your Deen.”} [Soorah al-Maa’idah, 5:3] 

When something is perfect, there can be no alterations to it: no additions or subtractions, as additions and subtractions are only necessary when something is imperfect, in order to make it better. Allaah Ta`aalaa revealed a Perfect Deen and it is impossible for anyone to “improve it”. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 11:32

Majlis on Tasawwuf_ in De Deur, JHB

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Tasawwuf Majlis in DeDeur 65mb/MP3

By Maulana AS Desai

Sunday, 16 Zul Hajj 1440 - 18 August 2019

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 11:02


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Torture of Women in Syria’s Dungeons


We are reproducing here  the article, ‘NO ONE HEARS US’ – TORTURE OF WOMEN IN SYRIA’S DUNGEONS, which has been published by TRT WORLD RESEARCH CENTRE.

At the end of the article, we have added Naseehat for Muslims. It is hoped that reflection on the absolute horrors and misery which  thousands of Muslim women in Syria have been subjected to by the vile Butcher Assad’s forces, will  dispel  the blindness and deafness of this degraded and degenerate Ummah. It is our fervent supplication that Allah Ta’ala in His infinite mercy will grant Muslims the taufeeq for contemplating, understanding and deriving lesson from the sub-beastly savagery of Assad’s swines whose unimaginable barbarasm puts swines to shame and generates pity in the heart of even Iblees.



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Please comment on the Al-Farouq Institute. This group had appeared to be fighting the Cause of the Sunnah. It is an anti-Shiah group. However, some of the activities it is now engaging in leave serious doubts in the mind regarding its allegiance to the Ahlus Sunnah. They are involved in the following activities:

  • Facebook
  • Photos of animate objects
  • Videos of some lectures (animate objects - some speakers).
  • I see they have essay competitions. They have partnered with Radio Shaytaan on this project. (photo attached/below)
  • They have National Sahaabah Jalsahs. However, some of their programs are Ladies programs held in halls. Is this acceptable?
  • On 24th and 25th August, they having two Moulana speakers to come speak at a Madrassah in Robertsham. The last I am heard that this Madrasah was run by Molvi Hassan Dockrat. And at this workshop, they are inviting Aalimahs. Please see posters attached (below). The name of Ayyaaz Angamia apeears on the 'ladies invite' which is attached.

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News Flash


Please comment on what appears to be a new organisation called ASUSSA (Association of Senior Ulama of South and Sub Saharan Africa). Mufti A S Desai is proposed as the Patron of this organisation.

Comment: We don’t have the haziest idea of this proposal. We have absolutely no association with the proponents of this proposal.


In a Hadith-e-Qudsi, Allah Ta’ala says: “Search for me among your weak ones (the poor,  destitute, orphans, widows, etc.), for verily, you are being aided and provided Rizq via your weak ones.”

PLEASE NOTE: We do not answer question posed by means of Whatsapp and cell phone messages (SMS). Only questions sent by e-mail, post or fax are answered. Furthermore, do not use stupid computer slang. Acquit yourself like an intelligent Muslim.

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